Audience Mangement

Get a better insight into customers and improve segmenting to put them at the heart of your business's marketing campaign.

Get actionable insights

Identify your repeat customers by following Flowio tracking system

Filter subscribers better

Get all your contacts and marketing data in one place and segment them better with our variable attributes

Target the right customers

Identify customers with the high propensity to buy in the future to have better maketing plans

Track audience in a consistent system, not in your head

Easily manage and track your audience to keep your sales process moving smoothly


Divide customers into groups to send targeted campaigns


Follow up your customers in every footsteps.


Get to know your customers purchase intention

Improve targeting with robust segmentation

Split your customers into micro-groups by using in-app comprehensive filters. Now you can delight them with personalized and targeted messages & offers.


Ensure nothing slips through the cracks with smart tracking system

See your customer activities on-page at a glance. Track interactions at every stage of the sales cycle & deliver up-to-the-minute insights.

Highlight potential users by analysing their purchase propensity

Rank prospects against a scale to determine who will likely to engage, in order of priority. Thus, you will get a holistic understanding of their rentention metrics to push sale.


Bring out a seamless experience everywhere

Create a consistent customer experience between emails, SMS. Interact with customers through various touchpoints for omnichannel engagement.

See Flowio Audience Management in action

Acting on insights requires the presence of an audience.
It’s time to activate the ultimate audience management with Flowio!