Automation Marketing

Build an automatic conversion workflow to create an individualized experience for every contact, no matter your business size.

Boost efficiency

Automate all the preparing process, let pre-built workflows simplify your marketing efforts.

Personalize marketing strategy

Target your persona on multiple channels and send personalized messages.

Reach customers at every touchpoints

Trigger customers’ behavior to send relevant messages at the right time

Do more with less using Flowio’s automation

Get your marketing strategy consistent among multiple channels. Easy setup–get started in minutes!


Comnine multiple channels in one workflow.

Automation workflow

Use our pre-built templates or easily customize a new one.

Performance A/B test

Test and measure your marketing campaigns with key metrics.

Combine multiple channels

Bring to your customer a seamlessly personalized experience by reaching them on multiple marketing channels. With Flowio, you can create your own trigger by combining these channels into workflows:


Easy set-up & customize with pre-built workflows

Save your time with all predefined triggers, workflow settings, and content available in app that you can freely customize.

Nurture your leads

Send proper messages to welcome new subcribers, promotions to your segmented lists and engage customers with personal thank you notes.

Retain you buyers

Recover your lost sales, boost the repeat sales by sending repurchase prompt, cross-sell recommendation & cart recovery messages.

A/B testing your marketing assets

Test your Email & SMS to find the optimal one for your customers. Thus, enhance customer engagement and increase conversion.


How Flowio’s automation works?

Get your marketing strategy automated in a few simple clicks

Select a trigger
Choose the template that suits your need or create a blank new one
Track your workflow performance
Add goals to your workflow for later measurement
Analyse results
Learn what’s working with all built-in reports and improve your workflows
Modify an automation
In the editing page, customize your workflow by draging & droping our available components Adjust the design and content to fit your style
Get your event triggered
After having finished your settings, save changes and wait for the results

Bring out a seamless experience everywhere

Create a consistent customer experience between emails, SMS. Interact with customers through various touchpoints for omnichannel engagement.

See Flowio Automation Flow in action

Track customer shopping cycle and send to them relevant messages